End Consumers

Delivery for end consumers in Bulgaria is done by SPEEDY courier service and its cost is paid separately to the courier. We will contact you for details upon receipt of your order.

Business Clients

Statex 2000 Ltd. offers excellent logistics support. Due to our long experience in import, export and distribution our products have very low transport costs.

We offer different types of delivery:

  • Free of charge delivery – valid for Bulgaria for all orders made from traders. It is made with the next delivery in the same location.
  • Delivery within 48 hours - upon additional negotiation. The delivery is free of charge upon certain order value. This service is valid for whole Bulgaria.
  • Delivery to Italy - we provide regular deliveries to Italy upon purchase from traders:
    • Above 500 euro the delivery is free of charge for North and Central Italy
    • Above 1000 euro the delivery is free of charge for entire South Italy (below the line Neapol-Bari) and Sicily island
  • Delivery to Germany:
    • Above 750 euro for South Germany.
    • Above 1000 euro for North Germany.
  • For all other European countries the price for the order and the delivery are made after preliminary agreement with the client.

We do also Direct delivery (EX VAN trade), in which you make your choice directly in front of your shop with the help of our sales representative. You are able to see the products and to purchase at the moment – this service is valid for whole Bulgaria.

We offer also FOB delivery from Far East of individual collections, as well as many other good spedition solutions for marine, road and navy transport.